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About Us

Let’s talk about our story….

Shakas was founded in the Spring of 1995 by three young entrepreneurs looking to fulfill the American Dream. Strangely enough, the owners were born and raised on the Mainland and not from the islands. The influence came from growing up in the “Buddhahead” lifestyle, similar to the local lifestyle in Hawaii. Going to carnivals, family gatherings, street cruises, dances, and visiting Gardena “Mom ‘n’ Pop” restaurants is where their ambition was generated. The idea of bringing “Local Style” to everyone is their way of life.

Shakas Take-Out

Please come and visit one of our locations to experience the unique Hawaiian Flavors. We offer a wide array of dishes to dine in or take out for your convenience.  Our Monterey Park Restaurant is similar to Hawaii’s fast food joint, roadside diner, mom & pop restaurant or lunch wagon in the Islands. Charming in its size, big in flavor, the restaurant evokes the true spirit of Hawaii only Shakas can deliver with its exceptional tastes of the Islands since 1995.